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Telemarketing Script Writing

The best telemarketing calls are the ones that flow intuitively; however, a good script can:

• Keep callers on brand
• Make sure sales are compliant or legal
• Save valuable time
• Clarify multiple offerings for telemarketers
• Provide an effective structure and
• Train new telemarketing hires

However, scripts written in MS Word may be complete and include all contingents for the pitch; however, they can be hard to navigate at the pace of a conversation and the pitch-flow can be hard to follow in the document.

An Agile Telemarketing Script

Using your Campaign Brief, I will collaborate with you to familiarize myself with your company and offering and develop an adaptive telemarketing script in MS Excel, that will adjust according to the responses given.

Once we have established your pitch parameters, I will design an agile script that will allow your team to call with confidence to:

• Qualify your leads
• Present your offering
• Handle objections and
• Achieve your telemarketing objectives

Book a free call to explore how an interactive telemarketing script could benefit you and your Telemarketing Team.

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