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  • How can I use your service?

My services can be used for a number of things; raising awareness, lead generation, up-selling, surveys, event registrations. There are a number of possibilities​

  • How long is the relationship?

You aren't tied in for any longer than the length of your order, but I hope we have a long relationship

  • How will I be updated on progress?

For telemarketing, I will provide updates either by Excel spreadsheet or Google sheet. Writing projects will be updated by Google doc

  • How will I be updated on the results?

Telemarketing results will be delivered in call recordings and either Excel spreadsheet or Google sheet

  • Can I discuss my requirements before requesting a quote?

Of course you can discuss your requirements before requesting a Quote; you can either use the contact form or give me a call

  • Can I get overseas calls made?

Unfortunately, I am not set up for overseas calls right now. If I get enough demand, I shall investigate it more closely. Subscribe to my newsletter for updates

  • Is there a set-up fee?

No, I don't charge a set-up fee​

  • Can I get a sample campaign?

I don't offer free samples, but the minimum order is 1 hour so that you can make the investment as small as you like until you are sure you want to go further​

For writing samples, please have a look at my writing samples

  • Do I really have to quote that long Reference number if I call you with a question about my job?

Not at all. The Reference number is necessary for my digital systems to match any form data you submit to the relevant Quote, Brief or Contract; if you call me with a query, we will have a very human conversation, where I simply require details like your name, email and the date of the order.​

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