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Outsourced Sales Rep or BDM

Do you have a sales funnel in place, but no time to contact your warmed leads? When a lead has engaged with your business and shown an interest in what you offer, there is no time to lose; you need to strike while the iron’s hot and get them in a conversation. This provides the perfect opportunity to qualify them for your offering, handle their remaining objections and bring them to the point of purchase.

Outsourced Representation you can Trust

Your Campaign Brief and Consultation Call will familiarize me with your business, offering and the client journey on which your leads will have been.

I will then prepare a script designed to:

• Present your offering
• Qualify the lead
• Handle objections and
• Achieve your objective

Whether that’s a sale or an opportunity to demonstrate or quote.

The result is that your sales objectives are achieved, even when you are attending to other parts of your business, like operation or networking.

Book a free call to see how outsourcing your sales can save you time and grow your business

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