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Save Time with Passionate, Outsourced Telemarketing and Sales

  • Are you a busy entrepreneur, business owner or Marketing Manager?

  • Are you looking for a timely way to add to your sales pipeline?

  • Do you not have time for cold calls?

  • Do you not have the space or infrastructure to make sales or telemarketing calls?

Need appointments for your Sales Reps?
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You’ve come to the right place! My outsourced sales and writing services are all about saving you time and effort.

Outsourced Telemarketing

My Outsourced Telemarketing service, expertise and passion for an enjoyable conversation can take the weight from your shoulders – not to mention your busy schedule, spread the word about your business, project or idea and increase your sales while you get on with other pressing tasks.

You can use my Telemarketing Service for: 

  • Market Research

  • Data Cleansing

  • Appointment Setting

  • Event Promotion/Booking

  • Customer Reactivation and

  • Up/Cross Selling


Click here to see how outsourced telemarketing could help your business goals.

Telemarketing Script Writing

Perhaps you have an in-house telemarketing team, but have limited time train them to telephone-ready; your team need a script that:

  • Qualifies your leads

  • Presents your offering

  • Handles objections and

  • Achieves your telemarketing objectives


My Telemarketing Script Writing service will provide you with an interactive script in MS Excel; so, your team can use it to navigate calls correctly whilst in training, until they have the confidence to pitch unaided.

Click here to see how an interactive telemarketing script can help your team.

Content Writing

Would an engaging article or post do wonders to promote your corporate vision?

A professionally written, persuasive piece of content can:

  • Increase your brand visibility

  • Establish your industry expertise

  • Inform your target audience about the benefits of your offering and

  • Drive traffic to your website


As your content writer, I will study your brief to learn about your business and your offering and what you would like to achieve with your content. I’ll then do the necessary internet research to make your content rich in value and flow naturally. When you are completely happy with your piece, you will receive it in MS Word format.

Click here to discuss how engaging content could help your business.

Freelance Business Development Manager/Sales Rep

If you have a longer-term strategy in mind, you may simply need someone to contact the warm leads that your other marketing efforts have generated. As your Freelance Business Development Manager, I will engage with your leads on your behalf to:


  • Make the calls

  • Send the emails

  • Perform the market research and even

  • Create the PDFs


For which you don’t have the time.


Click here to see how outsourcing part of your sales process could free up your time and generate sales.

PDF Brochure Design

How would you like a beautiful PDF brochure to send with your sale emails or available as a download from your website? I will collaborate with you regarding your copy requirements and design a beautiful brochure that:

  • Engages your audience

  • Is aligned with your brand voice

  • Showcases your products and services

  • Contains prominent Calls-to-Action

Click here to find out more brochure design.

Infographic PDF Design

Do you need a lightweight, visually appealing way to present data that might otherwise be boring or difficult to digest? An infographic is a brilliant, cost-effective way to:

  • Convey information

  • Provide comparisons

  • Explain timelines

  • Organise data components and

  • Reveal relationships or connections

Click here to find out more about how an infographic could help you build trust and make a connection with your audience.

Outsourced Sales Stress Relief

If you have a product, service or idea that you would like to promote and are time-poor (or uninclined), please read through my services to see how I can take on some of the sales/marketing tasks filling your diary or contact me to discuss your specific requirements.

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