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Do you know what your prospects think of your service?


How are they comparing you to your competitors?


Are your customers' buying habits changing? Is your latest product or service idea a good one? The answers you need to make informed business decisions are out there; you just don't have the time to do the research - but it won't do itself ...

That's where my market research service comes in!

My name is Adele and I'm a professional telemarketer, based in Surrey, with over 10 years' cold-calling experience. I begin with a brief to get to know your business, product or service and your aims. Telemarketing is an excellent way to conduct market research as it is:

  • Engaging - a conversation is an excellent way to raise brand awareness

  • Direct - it is a terrific opportunity to promote your products/services over the phone

  • Proactive - it is an excellent way to reconnect with lapsed customers

Whatever you need to know, I will make the calls, ask the questions and collect the data, while you get on with the business of delivering excellent service.​

Be Informed

I will connect with your market and return the data along with quantitative analysis of the results to help you make better business decisions

Win Back Lapsed Clients

A market survey is an excellent way to find out why your customers stopped buying and how to get back their business

Increase Your Sales

Gain valuable customer insights to ascertain their buying persuasions so you know why they buy - and why they don't

When you hire me to do your market research, you:


Save your valuable time


Save money on recruitment and employment costs


Have professional data collection calls made on your behalf


Receive initial analysis of your data - included

Headset and Keyboard

I take on the 'heavy lifting' of cold calls - you get the valuable data!

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Market Analysis
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